Surviving the Semester

For the majority of us, school is back in session. And whether you’re a freshman who’s thriving or a freshman who’s still struggling to find your groove, here are some sure fire ways to finish the semester out with a bang.

  1. Use a planner!
    • If you struggle with procrastination and scheduling, invest in a planner that’s not your phone’s reminders app. Writing down what you need to accomplish will help to ensure that you actually get it done. Having your schedule (i.e. doctor’s appointments, lunch dates, etc.) written down can also make a big difference! I highly recommend a planner from––I’ve used them for two years now and can honestly say they make a HUGE difference in managing my day-to-day life.
  2. Don’t be scared to make new friends!
    • College can be a scary time but it doesn’t have to be! Maybe you’ve already found your friend group or maybe you’ve been keeping to yourself. Whatever the case, it’s important to branch out and try to meet as many people as possible. The last thing you want to do is look back at your college experience (or even just look back at your first year) and wish you had made an effort to meet more people. In your classes, be gutsy and sit next to the girl sitting alone, or the kid wearing your favorite band’s shirt. Just make an effort to be outgoing, no matter how hard it can be sometimes.
  3. Go to as many school events as you can!
    • Now, it’s important not to stress yourself out trying to do this. There are definitely exceptions to this, like if you need a mental health day, quiet time, or you have a massive assignment due/test to study for. But if you’re bored on a Thursday night and you’re thinking of rewatching The Office for the seventieth time, I would consider heading to a basketball game or Greek-sponsored event! These events are great ways to not only meet new people, but to really feel like you’re a part of your school!
  4. Put your schoolwork first!
    • Saying this is going to make me sound like such a mom but it’s important to remember that you’re here to get an education. Having fun and doing stuff outside of school is obviously important, but at the end of the day you need to make sure your extra-curriculars don’t hurt your grades. If you struggle with staying on task, create study groups with kids in your classes or find someone to tutor you––whatever you have to do to make sure that your grades don’t slip!

There are a million other things I could suggest, but these are things I wanted to suggest based on my own experiences from last semester! Everyone’s college experience is going to be different but these are some general things that I think can make anyone’s time on a college campus much, much easier!


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