What to Do When You’re Snowed In –– My Tips on Entertaining Yourself During a Tennessee Blizzard

With winter weather finally making an appearance, I firmly believe we should all plan ahead for those days when classes are cancelled and the roads are too slick to leave your cozy little dorm room. To keep cabin fever from kicking in, here are some things you can do to make your snow days extra fun.

  1.  Netflix
    • Thank God for streaming services or else I think we would all struggle a little bit on those days when you either don’t have cable or there’s nothing good on TV. Snow days are the perfect chance to start that show you’ve been putting off or even rewatch an old favorite. My snow day picks?
      • For something funny that will have you lol-ing all night long: New Girl, FRIENDS, The Office, That 70’s Show, and Parks and Recreation
      • For something that’ll keep you hitting “next episode” until your finger is sore: Reign, How to Get Away With Murder, SCREAM the TV Series, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Crown
  2. Snacks
    • Snacks are an absolute necessity. Whether you’re a health junkie or junkfood junkie, nothing beats curling up in your bed with your favorite snack while you watch a great show (see above for recommendations). My go-to snack as of late has been a bag of Bear Naked Granola bites (the chocolate and sea salt are my favorite) and a bottle of Diet Coke (I’m not that healthy, guys).
  3. Games
    • This one sounds so cheesy but a great game of Cards Against Humanity or even a game like Yahtzee can help to pass the time and ensure that your snow day is not a snooze day.
  4. Friends!
    • Sure, snow days are the perfect opportunity to be a total introvert and spend time huddled up under your blankets with your headphones in, but they are also the perfect chance to enjoy the activities mentioned above with some of your best friends. Gather the girls on your floor or the guys in your guitar class and have a great time enjoying your break from school!

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