All the Bright Places

A bit of a late night post, but I just finished All the Bright Places and had to get this out while it was fresh in my mind!

Heartbreakingly real and oh-so relatable, All the Bright Places is a book that will remind you of high school and of yourself. Gossip and cliques but also adventures and new feelings, first loves and wandering and pain and loss. It’s a book that feels so genuine it hurts.

The book follows the connecting stories of Finch and Violet, two teenagers struggling with more than any teenager should. The two are complete opposites––Violet has everything she could possibly need and Finch has nothing he actually needs––but they both have a struggle that leads them to nearly end their lives by leaping off of their school’s bell tower. It’s unclear who saves who that day––they both seem to think that the other saved them––but it’s clear that a special bond was formed that day, one that grows to mean more to them than anything else in their tiny Indiana town.

All the Bright Places follows Violet and Finch’s journey as her world grows and his continues to shrink, the joy that comes from overcoming tragedy and the darkness that comes from being “asleep” for far too long.

It’s a book that will bring you to tears, one that everyone absolutely needs to read. It will remind you that you matter, that you impact people in ways you may never fully realize. And it will, most importantly, give you a new perspective on life and remind you that no matter how things may appear on the outside, it is no indication of how things are within.


“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”




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