Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between

You know what time it is! Keep reading on to find out my thoughts on my book of the month!

Something Jennifer E. Smith has a talent for is storytelling. She has the ability to build these beautiful worlds in such a short amount of time, worlds that are so relatable you can’t help but connect to at least one of the many characters featured in each of her novel’s. Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between is no exception.

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between tells the story of Clare and Aidan, high school sweethearts who are preparing to go off to college, Clare to Dartmouth and Aidan to UCLA, and have to decided whether to stay together or to break off their two year-long romance.

What I really loved about this book was just how realistic it was while still being a really entertaining and beautiful story. It’s fluffed up around the edges, of course, but it also very accurately depicts this idea of whether or not you should give up and throw in the towel, or if you should stick with it and follow through.

You have Aidan who is very much an optimist and wants them to stay together, and then you have the very practical Clare who has sort of bought into all of the ideas people have regarding long-distance, high school sweethearts. The book revolves around their last night together before they leave for their respective schools and this conversation that they’ve been putting off for so long because both of them are beyond scared about the outcome.

Without giving too much away, the book really is very sweet and lovely. It’s not my absolute favorite Jennifer E. Smith book, that would go to either The Geography of You and Me or This Is What Happy Looks Like, but it’s still a good story, a very relatable story at that, and it’s a quick read. So if you’re a fan of YA romance, I would recommend reading this. There’s something just so pure about her books and how she manages to encompass all of these things that so many people have experience in such a small amount of time. This book is very true to that style and, like I said, it’s just very pure and genuine and meant to very much be that teenage experience we’ve all had.


“But not later. Trust me on this. The day will come when you’ll be sitting there looking up at the sky, and you won’t be thinking of me at all. You won’t need to anymore. And it’ll be a good thing, because it means you’ll be happy.”


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